At the touch of no button

Blocket, owned by Schibsted Sweden, is Sweden´s largest classified site. For Blocket and their real estate clients, EasyAd delivers a seamless and fully automated flow for advertising. When a real estate agent registers a new listing in their system, our technology will automatically retrieve the information and use it to book, produce and publish ads across a long line of platforms and cannels. It will also handle the invoice and report back the results – as a live report or straight into the agent´s sales tool or CRM-solution. Everything without the touch of a button.

Technological teamwork

At EasyAd, we believe in teamwork. This also goes for our technology. It does not matter how good it is on its own, if it cannot cooperate well with others. For Blocket´s real estate clients, our technology work together with the agent´s system, Blocket´s ad publishing system, Appnexus, CRM and billing systems. The result is great value added and countless hours and keystrokes saved.

At EasyAd, we believe in teamwork. This also goes for our technology.

The link in the value chain

For EasyAd, integration is the link in the value chain. The more systems and software we get to collaborate, the greater the potential is for new products and innovation. This is why we continuously work to find new and even better ways to bring technology together.

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