Knowledge is power

Albert Einstein wrote; “Pure logical thinking cannot yield us any knowledge of the empirical world; all knowledge of reality starts from experience and ends in it”. Even though Einstein probably did not have ad production in mind, we think his argument still stands. There is a difference between theory and practice, also when it comes to advertising. This is why reporting is and will continue to be an important focus area for us.

 There is a difference between theory and practice, also when it comes to advertising.

Adaption is key

The more we measure, the more relevant data we can present and the better the advertisers´ understanding will be. Impressions, clicks, exposure time, number of swipes, the direction of the swipes and inscreen values – we are always looking for new and relevant measurement points. However, knowledge does no good if it goes unused or arrives too late. The faster the advertiser can adapt, the better the ad will perform which again will lead to a higher ROI.

The ad reporting of tomorrow

We are currently working on ways to make the distance between knowledge and implementation as short as possible. One of our goals is that EasyAd automatically and in real time will analyze the content, layout and performance of ads booked using our platform. Based on this analysis, the advertiser will be given recommendations for improvement along with an offer for extended advertising. We are so confident in our technology that along with this module we plan to introduce a new and groundbreaking pricing model. If our suggested ad does not outperform the original – it will be free.

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