From digital content to targeted ads 

EasyAds´ main product is a one-stop shopping platform tailored to transform digital content into targeted ads. By using AI and machine learning, EasyAd optimizes the entire digital ad flow in all channels and social media. EasyAd facilitates dynamic ad production, automated solutions and smart integrations.

Value for our customers equals value for their customers

Our customers are large publishers and classified sites all around the world. With EasyAd, they can offer comprehensive but comprehendible upsales ad products to their customers. With the ability to create hundreds of versions of an ad in multiple sizes within seconds, the EasyAd platform will reduce production time and cost.

The right ads for the right audiences

The ads can be placed with keywords, GEO and also outside the current site. EasyAd uses machine learning and data from millions of ad exposures to match ads and audiences. Increased relevance leads to increased CTR which then again can lead to increased ROI.

Specialized solutions for specific needs

Companies, industries and markets are different. With our R&D-activities and flexible technology, EasyAd develops specialized products and solutions to meet our customers specific needs.


What some of our customers are saying about us.

"I've worked with the team behind EasyAds for 7 (!) years. Key characteristics of the team are a great can do attitude and high service level in combination with solid execution track record. Together with Easyads we have created unique and effective products for the SME segment that has contributed to Blockets growth. Recommended!"

Robin Suwe

VP Business development, Nordic marketsplaces 
Schibsted Media Group

"Digital advertising has truly become a global business. In order to thrive as a publisher, you have to compete with the very best and biggest companies in the world. Easy-Ad helps us do exactly that. Through excellent data-driven and market-oriented products, they enable us to deliver great value to our customers. We confidently recommend their services."

Torstein Torblå

Business Developer  

"EasyAd gives and our customers great added value through a platform that enables fully automatic advertising purchases throughout the Schibsted network."

Ørjan Håkonsen

Business Developer  
Finn Eiendom

"With Easy Ads we have been able to give more flexibility and autonomy to our sales rep, now they can just create as many creatives as they need and share that designs with our final customers, just to show the value of the product before they buy it. Our operations teams have increase their speed with this platform. And the support we get from Easy Ads is always quick, they are very resolutive and everything we ask for is doable."

Samanta Cebrián

Advertising Technology Project Manager 
Adevinta Spain